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New for 2021:


A Running Start

 Strategy and

leadership coaching  

via beginner trail running*

*or walking

  • Designed for busy leaders in the education sector who have strategy and/or management challenges.

  • Change your professional habits, shift the dynamic of those around you, and improve the pace and quality of your org's work.

  • Manage your own stress better through wellness and develop more resiliency, agility, and consistency.​

Getting Ready to Run


  • For many this was our most challenging year professionally, leading communities through a series of crises that accompany this ongoing pandemic:

    • the persistence and trauma of racism and poverty

    • loss of community spaces that once helped us heal

    • unprecedented learning loss and access to academic quality 

  • Few people know the heavy lifting you’ve done to mitigate the impact on those you serve - managing through sickness and death and anxiety among those in our professional communities as well as our own families.

  • Most leaders felt some level of chaos or challenge or inadequacy. I offer a process for you to reflect, prioritize, and pivot. 

Running Shoes


  • We’ve been in survival mode for this past year, we need to shift  into a sustainable phase of reconnecting, rethinking, rebuilding.

  • Ed leaders are saying they want to be more adaptive, empathetic, and steady - to better demonstrate the approach and balance they are seeking in others.

  • I will help you to align your own habits and actions with the demands required by your context and strategy. I will help you to see how habits can serve as the accelerants or obstacles in rallying your community around the work.

  • We will rethink some of your professional habits and refine how they shape the group dynamics, beliefs, and outcomes of those around you. 

Tying Shoelaces


  • The unique addition of trail running is about helping us to build new habits. It is less about becoming a long term runner; it is more about learning how you uniquely build discipline and create consistency on something new.

  • You will feel the challenge and reward of a wellness activity outside your current day to day.

  • If you’re not a runner that’s even better, as we will walk as well. We don’t aim for a particular distance or pace, rather the achievement is in building a new habit - and then for that pattern to serve as the model for leading future change within ourselves, among others, and across systems. 

More details:

  • We will start with a ten-week commitment, and then we can expand to a full year of partnership since we need time to begin to see change at all levels: within you, among those you lead, and ultimately in the culture of how work gets done.

  • We dive deep into your org’s policies, priorities, and problems - and the impact on people. This is part strategy consulting, part executive coaching, and part running training.

  • We will walk through the community you serve, run along rivers and in parks, and spend most of our time outside and socially distant.


Although this might not be for everyone, I will ensure access to anyone.

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