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Project Highlights

The work has been moving rapidly as we dust our feet off from the pandemic. Here's an update on a few recent projects that have been particularly exciting and impactful.

Podcast Episodes 1, 2, and 3

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Social Responsibilities

  • Partnered to produce a three-episode podcast series to engage social studies teachers in high-quality instructional materials. 

  • Writer and host: Ebony McKiver

  • Executive Producer: Brett Shiel

Social Responsibilities seeks to serve as an opportunity for social studies educators to discover a passion for emerging instructional methods and rediscover a love for many tried and true techniques. We aren't advocating for you to add something else onto your workload, but to reimagine what social studies instruction could look like in your classroom. More info here.

CCSSO's Instructional Materials and Professional Development Network

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  • Joined CCSSO’s national IMPD network six years ago, supporting the NE and RI Departments of Education on policy and implementation of high-quality instructional materials and curriculum-specific professional learning.

  • Includes policy, regulation, and funding changes within states and districts - as we well collaboration with experts, partner organizations, teacher leaders, higher ed faculty, and other key stakeholders.

  • This work is described in CCSSO's youtube video and Impact study included here.

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Initiative to diversify Teacher Workforce in Delaware, alongside Rodel

  • Providing facilitating for a statewide project focused on recruiting, supporting, and sustaining teachers of color.

  • Helping to reshape university residency programming and teacher training starting in high school.

  • Focused on improving strategy, communications, and data systems. 

Rethink Grant Funded

  • During first phase of pandemic, led the application team for CARES Act competitive Rethink grant.

  • As facilitator for a cross-divisional team, supported RIDE in preparing their state's application.

  • Convened by Education First and funded by Walton and Schusterman Foundations

  • Of 37 states that applied, Rhode Island was selected as one of just ten winning states, receiving more than $10.5 million over three years.

RIDE Rethink.png

If you're interested in learning more, check out our services as well as new ideas. If you want to talk, then let's connect!

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