As a kid I struggled to read, but thankfully my mom was a reading teacher so we figured it out together - sometimes despite what happened in school. Reality hit again when I myself became a teacher and saw my students' variety of reading and other challenges. It was my job to provide the level of instruction my mom gave to me. I was unprepared. I didn’t know how to do this for each of my students, many of whom were learning English as a second language. 

Twenty years later, I am working with teachers and leaders who are delivering on the promise of high quality instructional experiences for kids, often alongside researchers and foundations. Together we seek to understand and replicate what works. To that end, I provide facilitation, strategy, and coaching services for leaders and teams within Departments of Education, school districts and universities, and nonprofits and foundations.

​I started teaching in Houston through Teach For America, and have a B.A. in music plus two masters degrees in education and policy. I recently moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. In my free time I play music and have been getting into trail running as an escape from quarantine.​ Big fan of scrabble, aviation, and geology.