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Meetings that Matter


Host meetings that are worth having - useful, optimistic, and interactive. Get more done before, during and after - and have a meaningful time together. Organize around clear objectives and a process that engages every person for every minute. Think of us for board meetings, staff meetings, task forces and committees, community engagement, focus groups, retreats, cohorts and workgroups.

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Strategy that Sustains


Build organizational muscle as you strive to continually improve, managing a change process focused on data and engagement, and show the proof in the results. Build strategy that is both ambitious and realistic, which stretches the capacity of the organization and scaffolds in the learning and development to bring the team to readiness.

Coaching that Creates Change


Improve your organization’s performance by leading with agility and strengthening your own mindsets and readiness for change. Focusing on both individuals and teams, confidential coaching is intended to help leaders and groups to work in a better way. Combines elements of executive coaching, performance coaching, and continuous improvement.

Writing, Reviews, and Evaluations​​


Working behind the scenes to help develop RFPs, review funding proposals, provide feedback on draft reports, and offer advising on in-the-works ideas. Evaluating charter schools and executive leaders, supporting accreditation reviews, and providing thought leadership on new ideas within foundations and thinktanks.


If you're interested in learning more, check out the project highlights and new ideas. If you want to talk, then let's connect!

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