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Every day, millions are working in service of students and families seeking an education that is safe, challenging, and meaningful.  Coaching & Convening works alongside these educators, researchers, philanthropists, and policymakers, improving the systems and conditions that serve young people. Partnerships range from small and local organizations to statewide and national initiatives. Coaching & Convening has been in business for six years.

  • Coaching chiefs and their teams as part of the Gates and Schusterman funded High-Quality Instructional Materials & Professional Development Network, a consortium convened by CCSSO

  • Coaching within Wallace's and FHI's District Summer Learning Network

  • Leading three years of Data Roundtables in Delaware, including all college Ed Prep Programs, numerous districts, the Department of Education, with Rodel

  • Co-facilitated four years of workgroup Supporting Students Below Grade Level, with CCSSO and eleven state DOEs

  • Consulted for firms supporting leaders in nation's largest school systems

  • Reviewing proposals for major foundations, leading retreats, and evaluating charter schools

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Brett Shiel

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  • Participated in the School Systems Leaders Fellowship

  • Completed the Immunity to Change facilitators workshop with Minds at Work

  • Served in district leadership positions in both Philadelphia and Camden

  • Obtained two masters, in both policy, research, and evaluation as well as teaching

  • Led and grew high school program within a charter school

  • Taught second grade in Houston, TX, as part of Teach For America

  • Certified coach with RRCA

During the pandemic, I learned to bring our work beyond classrooms, conference rooms, and Zoom. Lately I've been taking teams outside for collaboration, sometimes through walking and structured conversations - and other times just because a picnic table is a good change of pace from a conference room.

Clients, partners, and funders include:


If you're interested in learning more, check out the project highlights, services, and new ideas. If you want to talk, then let's connect!

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