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Raising Money, Writing, and Reviewing

Working behind the scenes to help raise money, distribute money, develop RFPs, review funding proposals, provide feedback on draft reports, and offer advising on in-the-works ideas. Evaluating charter schools and executive leaders, supporting accreditation reviews, and providing thought leadership on new ideas within foundations and thinktanks.

Project Sample:

$10,000,000+ Rethink Grant Funded

  • Much of this work is confidential, with some NDAs signed - thus few projects listed online

  • During first phase of pandemic, led the application team for CARES Act competitive Rethink grant.

  • As facilitator for a cross-divisional team, supported RIDE in preparing their state's application.

  • Convened by Education First and funded by the Walton Foundation

  • Of 37 states that applied, Rhode Island was selected as one of just ten winning states, receiving more than $10.5 million over three years - a significantly larger sum than many recipients.

RIDE Rethink.png
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